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I know a lady that was going to join here about a week back and it told her that they are not accepting new members. We could use some more members!!!!

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I suggested this website on Yahoo Answers. I also added it on https://alternativeto.net/. I don't know why people do not join. Maybe, we should post this website on other websites to attract new users.

Rooster Kninjanin

@ Kninjanin : This is a good site with little to no BS and I like it that way. Some new members would be nice but many just stay where they are at. Shame!

@ Rooster: I tried upvoting you, but it only worked for Kninjanin and Jazzy. There usually is a problem with the first reply to a comment. :-(

Jazzy Kninjanin

Hi Tink, I could upvote you and K, but not Rooster.

@ Jazzy: same for me.

Rooster Kninjanin

Yeah, we've been after Dan for a while to fix that.

Nice to see you here Jazzy! WELCOME!!!  :D

Jazzy Kninjanin

Rooster: Hey, I was able to upvote you this time. 

Thanks for the welcome! Let's get busy posting and hopefully back to some fun. :-)  :D

Rooster Kninjanin

Sounds good to me Jazzy! :D

Freeranger Kninjanin

be careful what you wish for Amigo...

Some people need to stay where they are, is right.

Dan notified me today. It's fixed everyone!

Let's start inviting some good people here and get this site hopping with mostly fun. :D

I'm new, here. Only been here for just over a week.

Glad you make it here, ESS :D