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Although most of us enjoy living in our own countries, which country appeals to you most and why...

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I would love to live in Australia....I would think its like England with better weather more open spaces and bigger homes...

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Yes. The weather in australia is more moderate with temperatures ranging between 10-35 degrees celcius all year round, depending on which part of australia you are gonna move to. The northern regions of Australia is more or less tropical. And the land there is slightly bigger since the population density is lower. Good choice. Less density means more privacy


Probably not Germany at this point, at least not in Cologne.



My choice would be Canada because the country borders the United States and treats its citizens nicely.

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I was thinking about Canada as well, but it's SO cold, and I've heard a number of them travel to the US for winters, etc.
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They call them the snowbirds, they go from Canada to Florida for the winter....
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I know, though I'm not sure I'd just say Florida as really they go all over, with Florida and Arizona seeming to be the most popular two areas and I've been told it seems to be about and even/even split between those two.
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I've only been to Florida and we were in Naples when all the snowbirds were arriving...so you may well be right...it is warm in winter in Arizona.
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I've heard the best thing about Arizona (depending on what area you are in) is their lack of humidity, which a lot of people seem to like, of course it's still extremely hot in some places as well.
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The humidity is low here.

The us or India.


I think Australia appeals to me too, especially South Australia. There are areas there that look just like California--I think that would make living there easier :P Either that or New Zealand. 


I think either something in Europe or the Caribbean


Good question, I would guess Australia. First of all, I can only speak English and think I'd feel out of place if I couldn't speak the local language which limits me (of course there are many small islands that local language isn't English but they know enough I could probably get by). But also Australia because I enjoy the beach and water activities, which Australia probably passes even me on.


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I moved to Spain for two years and everyone spoke English...happens a lot in Europe...
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That surprises me, was it like a British area of Spain or something?
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Except for small Spanish towns most places are very English speaking...
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As their main first language?
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There are lots of English Norwegian Dutch French living there but all speak English.
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So you didn't hear much Spanish when you live in Spain?
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Very rarely....we mixed in different circles....they never went to the nice restaurants we used or bars....near the coast it's all urbanisations with mainly all foreigners living in them and a few Spanish who never mixed that well...
Zolfie Zolfie
well that explains it. I guess I'm not used to that, whole foreigners living in a large area.

There are quite a few countries here in Europe, where it would be nice to live and visit - maybe France or one of the other closer or more distant European "neighbours", if it must be far, I would opt for Australia or New Zealand.


I would like to live in Switzerland since its surrounded by mountains and the scenery there is great. Moreover, its one of the cleanest countries in the world and the safest too. I currently live in England so Switzerland is just a stones throw away