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Do you believe in ghosts?

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Feb 6, 2016 in Fun & Humor ☻ by TheOtherTink (20,711 points)

10 Answers

amberleechoo Feb 6, 2016

Yeah even though I never seen any I believe in them pretty much.

_ Feb 6, 2016

I have a Girl Ghost of about 4 years old who is in my house

 and has been since I moved in , used to talk and play with my Courtney when She was about 4 on the stairs.

I had to throw all C's cuddly toys and all my cushions down the bottom of the stairs so She didn't hurt herself if She fell because I could not get her off those stairs with all her colouring books and dolls  etc 

Real Children wanted her to play , my Neighbours but She just kept going back and chatting , She even had a go at me if I brushed past because She said 

"She's gone away now , why don't you be careful mummy" 


TheOtherTink _ Feb 6, 2016
I had a ghost friend when I was about 4.   He had a dark outline, and I could see him most clearly against a light background, like a white wall.   I would talk to him, but he never said anything back, he just floated there in front of the wall.   :-)
_ _ Feb 6, 2016
@ TINK   

I thought my Neighbours would think I was mad but She revealed her presence to them years back at one of C's Birthday parties , She can be really Naughty and knock things down.

She was freaking everyone out when She had C's foil balloon and it was going up the stairs and down the stairs and into the kitchen and then in the frontroom :)

4 again , you were 4 and so is She and so was my Girl but She doesn't even remember talking to her now but She has thrown things on the floor in my Girls room before now.

I've seen her only once but felt her laying on me , grabbing my Leg going up the stairs , grabbing my Legs when I am in the Kitchen so many times.

I wanted to take a pic but an expert who joined my Ghost post on SH advised me against it because it could allow other Dark Spirits to enter this Realm.
_ _ Feb 6, 2016
@ TINK    Was he old fashioned , did he look like he came from another era almost ?
TheOtherTink _ Feb 7, 2016
@ Ser:   I couldn't really say if he came from another era,  the outline was quite like a standard cartoon ghost shape, except it was dark and the top was slightly pointed rather than round.   He only appeared when I was alone, but never said anything, never did anything, and stopped appearing by the time I was about 6.
_ _ Feb 7, 2016
@ Tink   that makes sense because unless it's a Truly traumatic or happy experience , we are not supposed to remember those years before we were 6

Have you had no other Paranormal experiences , even the briefest encounter since then because if you were Sensitive to Paranormal activity then , then you're Sensitive to it now.........they choose us.

_ _ Feb 7, 2016
@ TINK  were you Scared of him  ?
TheOtherTink _ Feb 7, 2016
@ Ser:   No, I wasn't scared, just sort of matter-of-fact, as if I were looking at and talking to a tree.

I didn't mention him to anyone, because I was pretty sure they wouldn't be able to see him.
TheOtherTink _ Feb 7, 2016
@ Ser:   No, I haven't had any paranormal experiences since, except for strong feelings of God's presence from time to time.

Oh, wait.  When I went to Nuremberg and looked up at the apartment where my grandmother had lived  in the 1920s, I imagined I saw her as a little girl waving at me from her window.  I waved back and wiped away a tear.
_ _ Feb 7, 2016
@ TINK   I think you're right , they wouldn't of been able to see him , such a big  Secret for a Little Girl to keep to herself all that time.
_ _ Feb 7, 2016
@ TINK   Now I'm not even sure what my Nan looked like when She was a little Girl.

Did you have a clear picture in your Mind before you saw this apartment of your Grandmother as a little Girl ?

TheOtherTink _ Feb 7, 2016
@ Ser:   Yes, I knew how she looked from pictures I had seen in photo albums.
_ _ Feb 7, 2016
@ TINK I think your Mind was projecting those memories of your Grandmother in those photographs and it was a Special moment between you and her.

I think I would be tearful to if I ever experienced that
TheOtherTink _ Feb 7, 2016
@ Ser:    Yes, she was smiling, despite having lost her father to war wounds, despite food shortages, despite her single mom having lost all her savings in the hyperinflation of the early 20s, and despite seeing the rise of Nazism.

I blessed her for her courage.
_ _ Feb 7, 2016
@ TINK   Wow!  She really was a Courageous Little Girl , if She Lived thru all that Bless her
TheOtherTink _ Feb 7, 2016
@ Ser:   Yes, fortunately, she didn't have to live through what was yet to come.  She, her husband and my great-grandparents left Germany in the late 30s, by which time the criminal nature of the regime was obvious to everyone with eyes to see.
_ _ Feb 7, 2016
@ TINK    That's a Blessing that they got out in time because it would of been horrendous for them Living under such Dictatorship as Adolf Hitlers , the Man was insane.  

TheOtherTink _ Feb 7, 2016
Indeed they were blessed.    And what is incomprehensible is how this madman, who as a young man lived in flophouses in Vienna, with no money, no connections, no education, somehow became absolute dictator of a powerful, advanced country.
David4004 Feb 7, 2016

Yes.  But, I've never had any encounters with one.  I have, however, had some unexplained things happen.

On two occasions, both late at night, I've smelled perfume.  I live with my dad and grandparents and none of us even wears any perfume, period, let alone late at night.

At my old job when I used to work, I saw the shadowy form of a man wearing a wide brim hat, like one a cowboy would wear.  This was at night, too, when I was working late.  I went outside as fast as I could to see if I could see who the man was.  But, he was gone.  I never saw him before or since.  To this day, I still don't know who he was.

I've seen orbs in the attic when I used to go up there with my video camera.  On a few occasions, the camera light went out.  But, once, the battery drained.  I remember there was roughly 80 minutes of battery power before it drained in the attic.  I left the attic, went into another room, and turned my camera back on.  There was STILL roughly 80 minutes of battery power.

I've had other experiences, but those seem to be the ones that stood out the most for me.  Was I experiencing ghostly phenomenon...or could there be logical explanations for those experiences?  And, if so...what?

HeyCameron! Feb 7, 2016

No, not really. Anything's possible I guess, but right now I don't really believe in them. 

MidnightCowboy Feb 7, 2016


Dan Feb 7, 2016

No, but I get scared of ghosts.

equiiaddict Oct 15, 2016

Yeah I do

Marianne Oct 17, 2016

Ghosts - or rather spirits - there must be something about them, like with other, immaterial and unexplained phenomena, in disasters, miracles, events and myths - they seem to appear mainly in dreams, convictions and wishes, in our conscious and subconscious mind. They live in us, in thoughts, reflections, imaginations and in memories - and some are protecting us.

I dreamt several times of places where I had never been to and never seen, and much later, these places or sites, seen for the first time were familiar, as if I had been there already.

TheOtherTink Marianne Oct 17, 2016

In the movie at least, General Patton said he had been to North Africa before... in the Punic wars.

Marianne Marianne Oct 19, 2016

Lol - that must have been an interesting lesson in history - or a nightmare - unless it was just a fictive element of the movie ...

TheOtherTink Marianne Oct 19, 2016

Well, if I remember correctly, in the movie he had a glorious role as a Roman commander.  I'm not sure he went into much detail, though.

Marianne Marianne Oct 21, 2016

Are you referring to the last scene?

TheOtherTink Marianne Oct 21, 2016

No, I remember the last scene well, but I think Patton's reference to having been in North Africa in a previous life occurs earlier, when he first arrives there in WW2.

Marianne Marianne Oct 22, 2016

Oh, I see; well, I had only generalised infos from documentations and articles, and did not see the movie.

My bucket list is still very long - lol. :)

Suyanto Tirta Nov 8, 2016


Kninjanin Aug 8, 2017


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