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Does anyone remember Kaesie from Ask?...she suddenly became a widow in Feb.

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May 3, 2017 in Doubts by Ladyhorse (352 points)
edited May 4, 2017 by Ladyhorse

I know there are some here that remember Kaesie. Didn't know how else to share this bad news but I think some here may have her email address. She told me she had to get another phone and lost all numbers. It would be nice to let her know you are thinking about her.

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TheOtherTink May 4, 2017

No, sorry, I was never on Ask.

But my sympathy and condolences.  Losing a spouse is second only to losing a child. :'(

Virginia May 4, 2017

Ladyhorse, although sorrowful I am glad to have the opportunity to remember Kaesie, thank you.

Rooster Virginia May 4, 2017

I did find her e-mail and we talked a while. She seems to be well and dealing with it. She had her Husband buried with full Military Honors as he deserved.

Virginia Virginia May 4, 2017

Good for you, Rooster, very gracious.

Rooster Virginia May 4, 2017

@ Virginia: Still just as nice as can be and did remember me. Trying to see if she's interested in coming on this site. :)

Virginia Virginia May 4, 2017

That would be lovely!

Dan May 4, 2017

Sorry to hear that and hope she will be ok.

Rooster May 4, 2017

Yes, I remember Kaesie quite well. Super nice lady and was always going to make me breakfast. Saw her on blurtit for a short time. I may have her e-mail address around in my book. If I can find it? I'll sure give her my best. That's a shame. I always liked her.

Marianne May 6, 2017

Unfortunately not, I am not sure, and there is no access to AskIt, which has been closed down - there have been also Casey, Kasey and several users with similar names, from late Sodahead, but I am quite confused ...

But if there was another Ask (than late AskIt), I was not there, and I might have missed out a very nice friend.

Sorry, I am still running after time, and I hope that Kaesie is o.k.

I'll check if I can find something in former notes.


Marianne May 12, 2017

Ladyhorse, I just discovered that Kaesie is registered here; could/can Rooster and Dan help?


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