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Would you like to go to the Annabel Lee tavern?

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Jun 8, 2017 in Food & Drink by TheOtherTink (20,983 points)

Gee, I went to high school in Silver Spring, Maryland. I wish I had known about this place in Baltimore then. :-),-76.569905,3a,22.4y,53.93h,90.01t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sMssRwRTyfpvdnaN_Bh3Ptg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

3 Answers

Virginia Jun 9, 2017

Yes I would like to go to the Annabel Lee Tavern. I love taverns, and make a point to go to a tavern AT LEAST once every ten years! And a tavern given over to the ambience of Poe, well how much better can it get?

Plus I have never been to Baltimore, well on and on, the answer always works out YES...

TheOtherTink Virginia Jun 9, 2017

It was many and many a year ago,

      In the downtown Baltimore scene,

That a fairy there came, with the unlikely name

     Of Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell Green,

And this fairy abode, with no other mode

     'Cept absinthe to drink, with caffeine. :)


Virginia Virginia Jun 9, 2017

O'Tink! You can even assemble your verses in the rhythm of the poets!!! Quite lovely...

May you never dissever your soul from the soul

Of the poets who inspire such verses so tender and droll!

Marianne Virginia Jun 9, 2017

Excellent! :)

TheOtherTink Virginia Jun 9, 2017

@ Virginia and Marianne,

Thank you. :)

Marianne Jun 9, 2017

Yes, it would have been a nice poetical, historical and gastronomical ambience to enjoy with close friends.

There's still much to learn about Poe, his too short, tragic life and his works.

And it is sad that this jewel of Baltimore has been closed.

Actually, I did not have the occasion to visit Baltimore.

I looked, of course, into information about this mythic tavern with it's most welcoming looks:

TheOtherTink Marianne Jun 9, 2017

@ Marianne,

Omg, yes, it closed less than two weeks agoI hadn't noticed.  

It was not so many a day ago

     In Baltimore, down by the sea,

That the closure occurred (though hadn't heard)

     Of the tavern named Annabel Lee,

Causing sadness and grief, and shocked disbelief

     Which emerged, overwhelming, in me. :'(


And here is a new theory on the cause of Poe's death:

Virginia Marianne Jun 9, 2017

Marianne and O'Tink....

Oh no! Closed? ...and I was just packing my bags for Baltimore...(sniff, tearing up)

TheOtherTink Marianne Jun 9, 2017

:'( :'( :'(

Virginia Marianne Jun 9, 2017

...and loved your commemorative verse, O'Tink! 

I just hope their closure was voluntary, not too few folks to make it a go...

TheOtherTink Marianne Jun 9, 2017
Marianne Marianne Jun 12, 2017

@T(h)ink, Virginia and Rooster

Sadly enough, I stumbled over the article about the closing of the Annabel Lee Tavern, while looking for more info about the history of this Tavern.

So, I added this tragical issue to the other links.

T(h)ink, your "obituary" drove tears into my eyes!

TheOtherTink Marianne Jun 13, 2017

Oh, sorry, Marianne, I didn't mean to make you sad!

Actually, when I first read the original "Annabel Lee" poem, I was moved to tears, until I reached the end of the last stanza. I thought lying down in her tomb (I hope not in her sarcophagus! ) all night was a bit much.

Marianne Marianne Jun 13, 2017


Don't worry, I am just sharing your emotions, tears and laughs - and your rhymes are inspiring.

Why shouldn't we - your friends - share your emotions?


Rooster Jun 9, 2017

Wow! Beautiful old Tavern! Just the history and ambiance alone would make it worthwhile to go there. By the way, I loved the menu also! The Shrimp and Grits looks super! Yes, you could sure get me to go there without a doubt! :) Really surprised that someone hasn't bought it and restored it!

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