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Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" as he never imagined it? :-D

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Jun 20, 2017 in Music by TheOtherTink (20,964 points)

3 Answers

Virginia Jun 20, 2017

Other Tink, this is beautiful! I feel sure Beethoven would love it...his music with improvisation, still played dueling in the back yard...I listened twice (nope, eight times), and about to cycle it again! In the same spirit, here for you is one of my own most beloved classical pieces, Boccherini NIGHT MUSIC IN THE STREETS OF MADRID, Dad and the kids jamming rendering ever, I know Boccherini would love this too!

Marianne Virginia Jun 20, 2017

Virginia, I needed to add his most familiar sound, which was also one of my old "earworms"

Minuet of the Quintet Op.11 No.5:

Virginia Virginia Jun 20, 2017

Oh Marianne yes I love this minuet...btw, have you seen the old 1950's movie with Alec Guinness, LADYKILLERS? It is CERTAINLY one of my all-time favourites!

Marianne Virginia Jun 21, 2017

Yes, Virginia, now that you remind me, I saw this movie long ago, but I don't remember it well.

But now, that I saw the trailer and looked into the info (there was also Peter Sellers)

Virginia Virginia Jun 21, 2017

Marianne, I did not even recall Peter Sellers in that, I was SO taken with Mrs. Wilberforce and Sir Alec Guinness...also this film was the first time I had EVER heard any Boccherini, and have been smitten with his music ever since...

I recently watched an old movie starring Alastair Sim, you prolly know of him? Well I had never heard of him, and again just fell in love...well it turns out that LADYKILLERS was actually written with Alastair Sim in mind, but ended up with the Marvelous Sir Alec, who truly did it justice!

Marianne Virginia Jun 22, 2017


Lol - no, I did not remember him well, and I had to check:

On the Continent, we had also a Sim, less famous, of course, and mainly involved in TV shows:


Virginia Virginia Jun 22, 2017

Marianne, Sim...he was part of a comedy team Les Grosses Têtes, The Big-Heads?

Marianne Virginia Jun 23, 2017

Yes, Virginia, you said it:

and this show was both, challenging intelligence and knowledge, with rather salacious expressions and stories, and some scandals occurred, of course ...

I heard it mostly on the radio (while driving or stuck in some traffic jam), and I must admit, certain jokes were a bit too gross or went, somehow, too far, even if they were hilarious. But without Philippe Bouvard, it is not the same, though Laurent Ruquier is very good and popular too.

Virginia Virginia Jun 23, 2017

Marianne I see Philippe Bouvard is still alive, still with us, age 87 now!

Marianne Virginia Jun 25, 2017

Yes, Virginia, Bouvard is still there, and still active - and nobody forgot about his contagious, shaking laughs (mute):

Marianne Virginia Jun 25, 2017

Yes, Sim was part of the core group:

Virginia Virginia Jun 25, 2017

Marianne, this video clip gives me a message it cannot play on my browser...I found some Bouvard on YouTube however!

Marianne Virginia Jun 28, 2017

Hello, Virginia; I found the "silent" video only on DailyMotion (there is no need for comments or sounds, as Bouvard's "shaking laughs" are hardly heard but well seen).

I hope that the video found on YouTube shows enough though. Here's one (2 seconds):

Virginia Virginia Jun 30, 2017

Oh Marianne...I actually cycled this SEVERAL times...Bouvard is wonderful, so dear!

Marianne Virginia Jul 2, 2017


Rooster Jun 20, 2017

Never listened to him or Boccherini much but I like these two.

Loved watching Master and Commander as I do all stories of the sea and loved the music.

Virginia Rooster Jun 20, 2017

Oh Rooster, yes the Beethoven piece is incomparable...and someday, I must actually watch MASTER AND COMMANDER...the Boccherini should be ideal there!

Virginia Rooster Jun 21, 2017

Oh and btw, Rooster...maybe you had better go on over to this other question and do some emergency you will see I am corrupting BOTH Marianne and O'Tink...I think I am prolly/definitely a bad influence here...:D  :silly:

Marianne Rooster Jun 21, 2017

Lol - Virginia, the feeling is mutual.


Marianne Jun 20, 2017

That is very different from what we hear usually, and the duel(l)ing of banjo and guitar sounds great.

also Boccherini's Night Music in the Streets of Madrid is cheerful.

And being reminded of Luigi Boccherini, I'll add a Fandango with Castanets:

Virginia Marianne Jun 20, 2017

Marianne, I get a message this video is blocked in the USA for copyright...I think I found a version that is permitted here, but prolly not as lovely-well done as this one you posted!

TheOtherTink Marianne Jun 20, 2017

Was it this one, Virginia?

Virginia Marianne Jun 21, 2017

Marianne, I think Other Tink found it...might this indeed be the Boccherini fandango you were posting?

Marianne Marianne Jun 21, 2017

Oh, too bad (it was the Carmina Quartet). But I hope that T(h)ink could provide the link. I'll check, as there are several parts.

Here's another part - just in case (Boccherini-Quintetto):

Virginia Marianne Jun 21, 2017

Marianne this time it does come through, and it is lovely; beautifully done, even the castanets are wonderfully played.

Marianne Marianne Jun 22, 2017

Virginia, as my first link did not work on your side, I sent another, different one, and also T(h)ink posted another group.


Virginia Marianne Jun 22, 2017

Got 'em, Marianne, ty...a fine enhancement to my ongoing appreciation of Boccherini! I may look up more about his life...the castanets...his name sounds Italian, but he must have loved Spain...

Marianne Marianne Jun 23, 2017
Virginia Marianne Jun 23, 2017

Marianne, your links certainly do explain his connection to Spain...also, I learned the minuet in LADYKILLERS is one of his signature best-known pieces!

Marianne Marianne Jun 28, 2017

Yes, Virginia - this Minuet is really famous. :)

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