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Isn't this beautiful?

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Jun 29, 2017 in Music by TheOtherTink (20,983 points)

I came across this by chance, a flash mob performance of Beethoven's Ode to Joy, in Nuremberg, in front of the Lorenzkirche, the church where my grandmother was baptized almost 100 years ago.

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Marianne Jun 29, 2017

T(h)ink - how amazing; I heard the song of joy on a radio, on TV and now on your post within less than 24 h!

And this is one of the elements allowing us to hope that there will be enough people accepting to rethink their attitudes and engage into more sustainable living and systems.

Virginia Marianne Jun 30, 2017

Dear Marianne, your last you know I have been studying capitalism quandaries, and now listening to this video posted by O'Tink, I had the same thought; this song of joy allows us to hope, along with every time I see a newborn baby...there is good hope!

I think of Beethoven, born 1770, I think it was...I hope somewhere he knows how much peace his music still brings into the world over the centuries.

Marianne Marianne Jul 2, 2017

Yes, Virginia, I agree with you, there is still hope, and Beethoven had this strong urge to spread hope, energy, joy and serenity, in spite of his hearing problems. :)

Virginia Marianne Jul 2, 2017

Dear Marianne, yes I agree about Beethoven...and in addition, I think Beethoven might have been a person of deep spirituality...not necessarily religious in the usual sense, but there is a wonderful quality to his might even call it healing...idk, it is just something I think about once in a while!

*So, I am feeling down about the economy and politics and corruption and people so cruel to each other...but we DO have lots of reason for hopefulness.

Marianne Marianne Jul 4, 2017

Oh yes, Virginia; in spite of scepticism, more or less sarcasms, too heavy or lacking criticisms and loads of foul tricks, failures and errors, there are lots of good and honest people around, and many who are making efforts, without propaganda or fake spectacles, and there is a lot of hope.


Virginia Marianne Jul 4, 2017


Rooster Jun 29, 2017

Very nice! Had to put this one up as I love it!  Just couldn't resist! :D

Virginia Rooster Jun 29, 2017

Rooster, that song was on her album CHEAP THRILLS...I was in SF at the same time she was, when she was performing at Fillmore West...I had that album and carried it around for many years.

Finally left it behind in 1997, I think it was!

Marianne Rooster Jul 2, 2017

It sounds so poignant - unforgettable!

Virginia Jun 29, 2017

O'Tink I listened to this with tears flowing down...I still play the version you found by Mad Mary almost every day!

TheOtherTink Virginia Jun 30, 2017

Yes, it moved me to tears too, Virginia.  :)

Yes, and I listen to Mary a lot too.

Virginia Virginia Jun 30, 2017


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