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Thank you, Mayor de Blasio?

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Aug 2 in Politics & Government ✌ by TheOtherTink (16,209 points)

If you are planning a trip to New York City, watch out for the desnudas in Times Square, courtesy of Mayor de Blasio. Keep a tight grip on your wallet.

3 Answers

Marianne Aug 2

That does not look good :O:'(:ermm::blush: - though there seem to be similar problems in most other big metropoles - and in many places, the situation is much worse.

Marianne, we were in Frankfurt once having lunch al fresco, when a street singer came by and started singing (badly).  When he finished his song, he shook his can of coins, expecting a tip.

I started singing, "Es, es, es und es, es ist ein harter Schluss, weil, weil, weil und weil, weil ich aus Frankfurt muss. D'rum schlag' ich Frankfurt aus dem Sinn, und wende mich Gott weiss wohin; ich will mein Glueck probieren, marschieren."

He laughed and started to walk away, but we tipped him anyway. :)

Marianne Marianne Aug 2

Lol - I am trying to imagine the scene; that must have been hilarious.


Virginia Marianne Aug 3

Marianne, I went through the list of the world's 50 most dangerous cities to see if any were in the USA...and found Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore and St. Louis!!!

Now ima look at the most dangerous cities in Europe...(coming back now)...and I notice you-all in Europe are all in single digits! We in the Americas have double and even triple annual homicides per 100,000...

You are quite right, Virginia, the murder rate in large American cities is MUCH worse than in European large cities.

And what do the worst American cities have in common? Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans and St. Louis have all been under single-party Democrat rule for 50 years or more, rife with corruption.

The cities that are not as bad have capitalism (and occasional Republican mayors) to thank. :ermm:

Wall Street for NYC, Silicon Valley for San Francisco, Hollywood for L.A., Rte 128 for Boston, etc.

Virginia Marianne Aug 3

Well O'Tink I voted Republican too much and I'm not too happy with 'em...not that the Democrats are better, maybe their record is even worse which gets a bit scary.

Yes, Virginia, I think they are all in it for themselves rather than for the public.:(

Marianne Marianne Aug 4
Virginia Marianne Aug 4

Well O'Tink, truthfully I have been thinking about your skepticism of Bernie Sanders...I hope you are wrong and perhaps you even hope the same, but there is really no telling. Obama gave a good populist line, the 'audacity of hope' and all that...but once in office, he caved. 

And an obstructionist Republican Congress is not really an excuse; I read that for the first two years, he DID have a Democratic majority, and did not even try for the 'trickle-up' New Deal style reforms! And now, he and his wife, I read, have just signed for the most lucrative book deals ever, was it $65 million or something for their two books?

Of course, Virginia.

Obama was no Mr. Smith going to Washington.  And I suspect neither is Bernie.  :(

Virginia Aug 2

I did look at the link...the desnudas do not seem to be good publicity for NYC...

I read something else after you mentioned this mayor some time back, O'Tink, and it has to do with the beautiful new development, Hudson Yards in NYC. The official site gives a wonderful picture of modern life and style and ethnic things too, but what I read presented it in a different way.

Hudson Yards is a public-private partnership, fully backed by the mayor, where the cheapest little condo sells for $3.8 million, going up to $30 million (not sure of the upper figure). Well if the property tax there is similar to your 3%, then property tax for the cheapo condo runs $90,000 annually.

Meanwhile, a short distance away, the New York subway is badly in need of repairs and refurbishing; so the article I read was really questioning the mayor's priorities!

Marianne Virginia Aug 2

Well, of course, Virginia, don't the rich liberal elites have to have a place to live? The decaying subways can wait; first things first.

And the esteemed Mayor, after telling the hoi polloi to protect the environment by eschewing the use of plastic bags, has a daily routine of going to a gym miles away in Brooklyn, using an SUV and a police escort caravan. He doesn't get back to work until late in the morning, and then naturally it's time for lunch. :ermm:

This total hypocrite of a mayor typifies what the liberal Nomenklatura of the Democratic party has become.

Marianne Virginia Aug 2

Lol, T(h)ink - ouch, I couldn't help chuckling about your brilliantly formulated irony.


Virginia Virginia Aug 2

O'Tink, ahem, do I detect just the very smallest tinge of disapproval (ever-so-slight) for this wonderful mayor of the liberal elite Nomenklatura? :D  :woot:  ;)  <3

Who, me, Virginia? :angel:

:angel: :D

Marianne Virginia Aug 2

Lol - well put, Virginia - :D:D:D - exquisite!

Virginia Virginia Aug 4

Marianne I wanted to make sure you know, that Dan DID find the problem. It is something called mod_security, which Dan disabled and I have no problem since then. He says he can use other techniques for the security here, because I did offer that if needed for the safety, to go ahead and enable it again. It is frustrating to live with my outdated system! 

Marianne Virginia Aug 4

Virginia, I am so glad that Dan could find a solution.

And I hope that your old system is not too frustrating.


Rooster Aug 2

And people think us Californians are nuts. Good ole NYC. My nephew is there visiting at this very time. I'm sure I'll hear about it soon! 

Marianne Rooster Aug 2

Lol - Rooster, if I remember well, there was, long ago, a certain "Nieuw Amsterdam" - and they spoke Dutch...


Yes, Marianne, Dutch is a lot like German, except they spell it kinda funny. :D

Marianne Rooster Aug 9
Oh yes, Think, there are quite a few Dutch people living in our country, and their accent is funny in French, German, and in English (though a bit less).

Americans trying to speak Dutch:

About the Dutch accent:

:D :D :D

Marianne Rooster Aug 10

Lol, Think - I remember their pronunciation of the "g", for instance ("weg", in German "Weg") - somehow like the Russian "khah" (X, x) or the "ch" of the absolute hit across "Röstigraben" and "Polenta ditch":

TheOtherTink Rooster Aug 11

Lol, Marianne, the audio pronunciation of "Chuchichäschtli" sounds to me more like "Chuchichaschtli", i.e. no umlaut over the 'a'. :D

Marianne Rooster Aug 13

Lol, T(h)ink, that depends on the regional dialect, but as far as I know, the pronunciation with "a" "umlaut" (or ä) is more frequently used. :D:D

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