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Anyone else having any log-in problems? Have to log in three or four times all the time.

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Aug 8 in Suggestions by Rooster (6,945 points)

It seems when I use PM, I have to log in again. It also does this when I click notifications and I have to log in again. Then again if I click to answer or comment on a question. Usually three of four or more times to stay logged in. I just clicked on a question to vote on it and had to log in again. Not a big deal as I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?


3 Answers

Marianne Aug 8

Weird, today, I crashed on a page (while trying to return to another page), but then could get back here (over the e-mail link) without further error message, and I have to refresh the page from time to time; additionally, I am slowed down at certain hours. Certain sites are faster, others much slower.

As to PM's, I noticed that, sometimes, it takes two or three clicks to get to the corresponding box.

But I did not have to log in every time.

TheOtherTink Aug 8

Yes, it's been happening all the time lately.

And sometimes, when I go back to I'veSolved after logging out, I find I'm logged in, even though I've gone back in with a new window. Then I might make one comment, and the site logs me out again. :O

@Tink : That's what it's been doing to me daily.

Virginia Aug 9

No, I have not had any problems like folks are describing here! 

My account with SOLVED stays logged in automatically. No problems at all since Dan disabled the mod_security...

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