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Aug 8 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Suyanto Tirta (1,849 points)


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TheOtherTink Aug 8

There once was a careless young lass,

Who took a quick nap in First Class.

She awoke with a start

And a fluttering heart;

The conductor had pinched her bare a*s.

Tink!!!  :D :D :D

:blush: :angel: :) :D

Outstanding: :):O:angel::D:D

A flirty conductor?;)

@ Marianne,

Thank you.  :blush: :angel: :blush: :) :D

@ Suyanto,

Yelled the charming young lass who was purty,

At the lewd old conductor most flirty:

"I'll cut to the chase,

You're a GREAT big disgrace,

You're obscene, rude, repugnant and dirty! "


You're very welcome: red like a tomato and giggling:



me ? Oh no.. I'm not  obscene8-)


:blush: :) :D

Lol. :D:D

Kninjanin Aug 8


Rooster Aug 8

Geez not that I can remember. Might have showed some plumbers crack a few times but I was in control! :D


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