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Creating of own social network?

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Nov 5 in Internet by Kninjanin (1,807 points)
I discovered some ways to create social networks:
1. Find a web hosting service, open auto installer and imstall a script;
2. Use whaller, mighty networks, topishare etc to create your communities
3. Create a mastodon instance. Download a mastodon software and upload it. You must know programming to create a mastodon instance.

4 Answers

Rooster Nov 5

I think I'll pass on that guy. Just too busy to get involved in that right now. Hope yours works out for you!

Matrix keeps me too busy to get into much of that right now. Good luck!

Marianne Nov 5

It looks interesting for somebody who has enough time and who has a good programming experience.


Kninjanin Marianne Nov 5

I do not have some programming skills. I found some free hosting websites and I saw that I can create social networks. I use mastodon and I see that mastodon allows that people can create social networks but it is complicated for me. I found on internet that some social networks are designed for community creation. It can take too much time.

Marianne Marianne Nov 5

Thank you for your information, Kninjanin.

TheOtherTink Nov 5

This would be too time consuming for me. :(

Virginia Nov 5

I prolly won't be trying that myself, Kninjanin; but I think it would be a wonderful learning experience! If you decide to go ahead, I will be glad for you...

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