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Do you see some new users?

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Dec 12, 2017 in Doubts by Kninjanin (2,120 points)

4 Answers

Virginia Dec 12, 2017

I  have seen a few names that do not come here very often, Kininjanin! But yes it would be nice if more folk found this lovely and congenial site...

Rooster Dec 12, 2017

I've seen them but they all once used this site before. I think they just came on here to see what was happening as I see them on another site also. Hopefully? They'll come back and contribute more!

TheOtherTink Dec 12, 2017

They probably are among the 30 to 50 "guests" that can usually be seen here reading the comments, but not often making any.

Marianne Dec 13, 2017
I saw some new and already known names (some might have changed), but they are not often active, and some are only observing what's going on here - as guests.

Right now, I see 36 guests.

It would be nice to see more contributions.

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