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Have you ever seen or heard this crazy song and video ? It actually was a dance !

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Jan 2, 2016 in Music by Rooster (10,796 points)

8 Answers

Jan 2, 2016
I have heard the song, yes.
amberleechoo Jan 2, 2016
I thinks so cause I remember the melody from it. But don´t remember that I heard that lyrics before.
Platinum Jan 2, 2016
It's like having your tooth pulled...
Bruno56 Jan 2, 2016

Nope...Never heard of it.

Echooos Jan 2, 2016
Yes I remember and it sounds just as stupid as I remember it.
Ancient_Hippy Jan 3, 2016
I've heard the song many times but never did the dance.
MidnightCowboy Jan 7, 2016

I do remember that dance.

Marianne Aug 17, 2016

Oh yes, I think that I heard this long ago on the radio. But I don't remember the dance, though the rhythm reminds of some kind of twist, rock and/or similar dances.

Here in Europe, a kind of "bird dance", resp. "duck dance", known as Chicken Dance was (and still is) popular:

But it is quite different - lol.

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