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Because they then turn around and sell that information to various retailers including those who would use such information to sell to organizations that aid illegals in obtaining false documents.

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It is possible. 

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More than possible, it's probable.


Not sure why but it sure keeps me away from some of them. I'm not one to give out a lot of info about myself and Facebook sure wants to know everything. Turned me away from using it . Not sure about the others but that sure turned me away from it.

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I saw many Facebook users put everything about them on their profiles. They upload their selfies from weddings, concerts, matches etc. Facebook like that they do it. Maybe, Facebook earns money from those information.


I think it is a tracking system and I believe it is the trap the Bible warns about. 


I think Goranko is right.  They sell the information to businesses that want to target their advertising.

And it gets worse than that.  On Gmail, for example, I could mention something to a friend in an email (e.g., a car, or a household item), and right away advertising for a car or that household item would appear. :ermm:

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Very true! Rarely use  Gmail anymore!