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I deleted my Facebook accounts and my Instagram page. Facebook and Instagram have many uninteresting users, scammers, spammers and trolls. I used Facebook 2014 - 2016 and I was using Instagram for  several months. 

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Hi Kninjanin,

I had a Facebook account for a few years...and yes, I finally closed it because there seemed to be so many hacks. Also FB is not something I used very much...so it was not worth it to me.

Kninjanin Virginia

Tha hackers are very active on Facebook.

Virginia Virginia

Hi Kninjanin, the first time I saw you post an answer, I went to your profile page and noticed you are in Serbia...glad you found this site, it is nice that good people like you are here!

And yes, I think someone who stays on FB now has to be very dedicated to put up with all the hackers and other problems.


Maybe that I "abandoned" social networks by accident, or by too rare activities.

And some were closed down.

Darkest Serenity

Several ,they just never came close to the format of Sodahead and the flaws in those sites bugged me.


Ask was the first for me. Blurtit came second, I was a mod there for awhile:pinch: left there, too much drama, tried answermug and although it was ok for awhile, my stomach turned every time I logged in to see the rampant gayness of that site....infringed on my rights to be straight so I choose to stay away! 

carbonproduct Angela_Anthony

Thats why Ive been venturing out. No pun intended. Seems like thats all thats going on over there now. Not my cup of tea. ;0


I abandoned the Mug site, and SodaHead abandoned me. 


Never bothered with FB or Twitter.