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I heard about quite a few Q & A sites, but time is too short to explore them.

And you know probably about all of them; here's a comparison:



Only thing I could find was a few references to Chinese websites. I tried to look at one but my AV said it was a high risk website, so I'll pass! Maybe you could give us a link or something.

Kninjanin Rooster

I made a mistake when I was typing. I used tablet and I often write something wrong. I wanted to write a q and a. 


Actually? I've looked at a couple of new ones and gave them a try but didn't care for them. One was too silly for my taste and the other was dull.


No, sorry, I haven't researched any new ones.


Dear Kninjanin,

Actually, I rely on the folks at this website (IHAVESOLVED) to keep me informed on possibilities for good Q/A websites. I was about to give Am!rite a go, but then some negative reports came in...

Many people now have good success with Quora, have you tried that one? I did not like it because they collapsed about 40% of my answers, but they have more than a million participants now! I also liked Blurt, until the moderation changed - but there may still be lots of fine answers there.

* * *

Actually, I wish more people would come to this site, and still not sure why it does not grow larger...

dru tiger Virginia

Amirite is not bad. It is the closest site to Soda Head out there. A pretty smooth script.

Kninjanin Virginia

I searched Question and Answer websites and found only one new website. Others are known. 

Virginia Virginia

Hi Dru Tiger,

I never saw SodaHead myself, but people seem really to like it, and many were very disappointed when it closed without notice!

dru tiger

Most of the sites look so primitive. Soda Head had a lot of money put into it, and it looked it.