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I visited Question Signal and saw some users promote their services. Same thing is on Blurtit. 

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I saw that on that Question Signal site and didn't join it because of that. Blurtit was always loaded with spam but I guess instead of installing filters ($$$), they just have people join through Facebook now. I don't know if that worked or not as I don't go near that place but I sure didn't see any of that stuff during my brief periods on Answermug or Similar Worlds. Both crappy sites but no one promoting their own agenda.

But if people can find a way to advertise? They'll do it. They don't even think that 99% of the people on websites won't go anywhere near them when they see that crap.

Kninjanin Rooster

I use a small Canadian social network CornerHub. The new CornerHub users are mostly companies who promote their services and products. An admin do not ban them. Many social networks became online services for promotion and advertizing. I see many Twitterers who promote their art, products and services. Advertizers are very active on Facebook. They invite Facebook users to like their pages. There are millions of ads on Facebook where companies promote themselves and their products.


Kninjanin, I have seen the same things as you describe...and like Rooster, once I see a business doing that I will not go near them, I would not do business with such an enterprise. 

And yes, Blurtit was very bad in that regard, although maybe they have changed now; I have not used Blurtit since everything blew up there.


Yes, unfortunately, most websites depend on sponsoring, member contributions, and, essentially, on advertisement, etc., but these "legally accepted" entries should stay at their designed spots and not prevent users from reading information or interfere with their questions, answers, chats, etc.

Actually, I have also seen invasive advertisement, spams and scams spreading on all kinds of sites and blogs. Nobody seems to be safe, even with the latest filters.





In general, smaller sites might look less interesting for such attempts, but they are still vulnerable.

Actually, talking about Q&A sites reminds me of some other "business practices", like, for instance, late Sodahead - (R.I.P.) ...