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Do you like political discussions on Internet?

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Feb 4 in Websites by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

There are millions of people who post their political views on Internet and discuss about politics. Often, their political discussions are not nice for reading. I try to avoid political discussions because people are not nice when they discuss about politics.

4 Answers

Marianne Feb 4

Definitely no!

With all this mud-slinging, insulting, hate-mongering, biased policies and toxic propaganda, splitting all the different interest groups, parties, business, religious and other sectarian, extremist and class and mainstream peoples, how can you discuss reasonably and factually about realistic figures, sustainability and more humane goals with large groups of anonymous users?

Only smaller, friendly communities, like ours, for instance, allow reasonable discussions. 

But even our little group might be attacked ...

Rooster Feb 4

I used to not mind them too much but it's different now! Nothing but arguing and sometimes name calling also.If you're not part of the majority rules in them? You get branded and chastised for not believing and thinking just like them. Seems like all I hear now is Trump this and Trump that crap. Wonder what they be like if Hillary had won? Same stuff, different name. No thank you, I stay as far away from them as possible.

I come on websites to try and enjoy myself when I have time, not argue politics.

TheOtherTink Feb 4

I don't mind them, if they are reasonable.  But usually, they are not.  :ermm:

Virginia Feb 5

Ha ha Dear Kninjanin, THAT is a loaded question!

...and for me, that depends on WHICH website. Here on SOLVED, I enjoy political discussions and pick everybody's brain and learn lots...however, most websites no, you cannot get reliable information and I finally just gave up.

I used to dive enthusiastically into religious, political questions etc., but got attacked alla time  :'( ...used to leave panic messages for Didge in Australia, he would get up 5 AM his time and come bail me out...didn't know Other Tink then, and her devastating limericks...:P  <3

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