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Why do people talk about their political, religious and sexual views on Internet?

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Aug 19, 2017 in Websites by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

I see too many posts and comments about politics, religion and sexual orientation. Some people who post about politics are probably paid for their online job and have fake identities. Others are naive and don't understand that someone can use their political, religious and sexual views against them.

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Rooster Aug 19, 2017

Good question! I do my best to stay away from those three subjects as it seems that all they do is cause arguments and hatred among people. A really good friend of mine quit a site yesterday because someone called her a Nazi twat because she disagreed with him over the removal of the Confederate statues being removed. Those three subjects seem to destroy most sites and I've seen it plenty. One reason I've left all the websites as I just got tired of hearing all the arguments. Answermug is nothing but politics and I left there also. To me? It just causes trouble that I'm not interested in being involved with. I can come here in peace and usually leave with a smile. Way too many posts on those subjects and usually by people who don't really know all the facts. Naive? Maybe but some use it as their own agenda and expect others to agree. A very sad tale indeed.

Marianne Aug 19, 2017

Sadly enough, propaganda and "advertisement" around and about politics, religion and business were/are used throughout human history (including tabooised matters, like sex, prostitution and porn).

With today's mass media, news spread very quickly, and with them many inaccurate, biased or one-sided views and interpretations, including oppositions, criticisms and censoring, and average users, in their quest for facts, knowledge, opportunities, friends and recognition, are often exposed to them. On-line research has become tedious, involving checking various sources, comparisons, debunking, etc.

Kninjanin Aug 19, 2017

People are very bad when they write about politics and religion on social media. They make an online drama and block people who have different oppinions.

TheOtherTink Kninjanin Aug 19, 2017

Only the bad, or stupid, or ignorant ones do that.  :)

TheOtherTink Aug 19, 2017

Because these topics are interesting.

I see no harm in discussing them with reasonable people who can keep their tempers.  And one can always ignore the unreasonable ones.   :)

Kninjanin TheOtherTink Aug 19, 2017

I avoid to discuss about politics and religion on social networks. People can offend me because of my words. 

Ladyhorse TheOtherTink Aug 21, 2017

You are right Tink but not everyone is self-controlled. I gave an opinion based on my experiences and was made a mockery of. 

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Aug 21, 2017

@ Ladyhorse,

Yes, there is no excuse for trolls who mock the honest opinions of others.  I usually ignore the trolls, or on occasion mock them back (often with a barbed limerick) and make them wish they hadn't started it. At that point, they either run away or block me. :)

Virginia Aug 19, 2017

Dear Kninjanin,

I think your question is important and relevant...and I myself (over the past seven years) am still just finding my way in this "brave new world" of Internet discussions...

To me, the Internet is potentially a treasure because of the information and insights you can exchange with people all over the world, all different backgrounds...learning and growing. However, there are severe problems that you, Rooster, and others mention and those can cripple a Q/A site.

I am beginning to think the biggest obstacle is with moderation on Q/A sites, in finding skilled moderators. A moderator has to be almost a genius, and a psychologist too! 

* * *

I would like to see the Internet discussions take place on those important topics, but other than finding a site like this one where people are naturally open-minded, respectful and courteous, I don't know how to avoid all those very destructive problems.

Fuzzy Corona Aug 23, 2017

Because people like talking about their views

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