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Are you in the expected zone?

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Dear Dan,

That was a VERY interesting clip...not only the information about the unpredictable, out-of-control Chinese-built satellite due to crash through the Earth's atmosphere, but the commentator's evaluation of the Communist cf. Democratic mindset that gave rise to that satellite. I am finding life in the US to be remarkably oppressive right now, along with de-valuation of human life; more so than I ever anticipated ANY possibility. 

But this clip about China shows just how much we still stand to lose. And after the Nazi and Soviet (and other) debacles, what does it take for humankind to learn that lesson? 

Also, I appreciate the information you post on modern India - I have learned much from you there.

* * *

(And no, here in Washington State I myself am not in the expected zone.)


Yes, Dan, I'm barely in the possible fall zone, at 41 deg N latitude.  :(


Guess I'm not really surprised considering some of the junk China makes. I don't appear to be in the zone either but if I was ? Would I get a free day at Walmart to buy Chinese junk?? :D


Imagine looking for Easter eggs and finding THAT! :O


Tiangong-1 seems to have crashed in the South Pacific, so probably no damage to humans.



It Is sad.