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I know I'm about burnt out on them and will soon only be on this one here and there. Don't some people have real lives? Ole Ask.com had some but nothing like todays sites. They form little cliques and pick on others. Kind of childish, don't you think?

Just makes me enjoy the Matrix Forum even more!

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I visit askerspick rarely. I see questions and I do not know what I should answer. I use Quota because users are serious. Advertising ruined Blurtit and I am not interested in it.

They use websites to escape from their problems and frustration.  They are afraid to insult and make drama in real life. 

Rooster Kninjanin

Good answers all! At least here I can get intelligent answers without a bunch of BS. I like to raise hell more than others but the cliques and questions just to start trouble bother me. I just like to be friendly and enjoy myself and not hear "he said and she said crap".


I do my share of messing around on Ami rite, but it is mostly in the spirit of good-natured fun.  The few cases in which it wasn't appreciated, they blocked me, or else we just stopped communicating. No loss, either way.  :)

Virginia TheOtherTink

Well Tink, we KNOW what you did to get blocked...:D  ;)...it's them deadly limericks of your'n...<3

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

The Philistines never did prize

The lim'ricks that prick and chastise

With mischievous winking

Their dull and flawed thinking

And dogma with which they have ties.

Virginia TheOtherTink

O', O'Tink...I love it, it is just a joy! 

(sigh)...do you (I know you do) realize how many human snarls could be mitigated by sense of humour? :D  ...just to take ourselves a bit less seriously...ho hum...:sleeping:  :silly:

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

:) <3


You knew the answer before you asked the question Rooster.  ;)  It's human nature, when there's no accountability especially for some people, when there are no fences to make good neighbors......that and the more salient fact that, anonymity from a computer room hundreds and thousands of miles away from center mass, and a lack of face to face accountability.  It emboldens everyone with their own small sense of security.  Now....if the computer cops could kick in our doors and shine a bright flashlight on us all for the things we say, I'd like to suggest that the answers we give would be more reasoned.  Of course, having prepped for just that eventuality, I took it upon myself to hide the batteries for the flashlights :P.....but you get what I mean.

You'll never remove the stimuli.....in this case anonymity, unless the one condition to joining a website was to have a camera attached to the top of your screen, but even then..... 

I also have a theory of course, one which I believe I'm spot on with, and that is the belief that for every one of those who belong to either one or a number of sites, they are dwarfed by those who lurk.  I think lurking is THE number one past time of people who know all the opinion based web sites.....once you're infected, you're either a voyeur or that moth attracted to light. 

And of course, no one ever attached behavior to it's wings.


Rooster, everybody else has pretty much covered what I would say to your Q...

The only thing I would add is that I KNOW a site can be run with minimum drama and very popular too, because you and Angela did it on Blurt.