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I found a new Q&A website curiouscat.me. My page is https://curiouscat.me/Goranko_ili. You can ask me without registration. 

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??? When I clicked the link, it said the profile didn't exist.


I took a look at it and book marked it for later when I have some time.

Anything has got to be better than A-Rite. That place sucks!

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Careful Rooster, that kind of attitude will get you reported to the new adolescent starship commander by his right hand white kitty minion  You don't want to face indefinite suspension like I have....ha!  So, bow down and  answer insipid questions about your favorite color and the way you want your toilet paper to spin whether you like it or not you trouble maker.  Watch your step or join me in Time Out.

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@Freeranger : I have had two warnings already from that little weiner. I don't have time for their crap anymore. I just come here for a little while and spend more time on SW. Not much of any censorship there and I've grown to like it. Synyster and Carla are there now also. I just got a Skype message that another person has been booted also. I suppose I'll be next! Big deal.

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You'll have to update me.  What is SW?

But yah, I got suspended indefinitely whatever that is.  They're not exactly flourishing, and it would appear a few stalwarts are trying to plug holes in the boat.  No idea who this little shizz stain is but apparently he has some utopian vision.  Anyway you should do a fly over and look at the quality......not pretty and the old SH members seem not to be around so much anymore.

So sure Amiuptight........punish me heh, heh.

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@Freeranger : I was referring to www.similarworlds.com. Kind of a crazy site but I enjoy the lack of censorship and there are lot's of women there. :P

From what I got out of that dump last week-end when we got in there? He still can read PM's and Jazzy alone has five accounts she uses to make the site look busy. Anthony has three and his two pals each have a couple.

Serenity used to get on my nerves there sometimes she's nothing like that ass kisser Quizzy/Jazzy/Juan. Can't stand her.

Oh, and three more people were booted the other night too.

I've been warned twice now about things I've said and when he told me the next time will be the last? I just told him back : Big deal!

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Rooster, there's only ONE thing we old Veterans can do.  I say we start our own opinion site....and we can call it "Amiwrong."  Think it over

Thanks for the other intel brother, always nice to learn something new and useful.. Forewarned is forearmed as they say :D  So, the little perv can read PM's huh?  Am I the only one asking why they would label them all a PM rather than EK's? or  "Everyone Knows?."  So many questions so little time.   Three others got booted huh?  Do you know who they were?  Hell, that camp has turned in to the dang French Revolution!---ha!

Let me guess.....you got warned for being mean to someone.  That was one of my charges too....the damning one was for three pieces of artistic photography that Anthony the metrosexual decided he didn't like.  In attempting to draw certain parallels, I came away with the thought that someone in his you turned him int to one of the Italian castrati.  BUT........I bet the bastard can hit the high notes if you know what I mean.  Anyway brother, que sara, sara.  I've been kicked outta better places.


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Well, other than Synyster, SymplyCurious and Neanderthal Momdoer got booted also. Didn't talk much to either of them and don't know what they did vut the list keeps getting stronger.

I answered one of Anthony's suck butts questions yesterday but haven't been on there to see if I got the boot for the answer yet. It was from Sugarbaby and she asked if anyone had any allergies. I answered that I'm allergic to bullshit and there's a pile of it here. I couldn't resist.

I almost started a site a couple years back but my Dev work keeps me pretty busy and I really didn't want to be a baby sitter for oddballs and fruitcakes. LOL.

I see that Budwick and JW have joined SW now also. It'll keep growing as it's already 10 times busier than Assrite.

I was warned for a picture once and being a smartass to certain people there. Big deal.

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Ah......the boy general is just an ass kicker isn't he?  I think he's trying to design a site based on malleable minds and opinions he can control.

Btw....add me to the list.  I just joined yesterday myself.  Quite the site I might add.  Need to get my sea legs about me and then go exploring.


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Good for you! Beats the hell out of Dudrite. Place makes me laugh!