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My sister and brother in law stayed with us a few years ago. I made coffee and he gags and says, "Don't you have any regular coffee?" I pointed out I was the only one in the household who drank coffee and so I bought what I liked, if he wanted something different I'd happily drive him to the grocery store.

I just found it rude.

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Yep, my daughter. I use single ply toilet paper and have to keep a roll of double ply for her in the house. She used to complain about it's softness or lack thereof.

TheOtherTink Ancient_Hippy
You should have been more hard-as*ed about it. :-)
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
I made her bring her own roll.
TheOtherTink Ancient_Hippy
Good solution to the bathroom tissue issue.
Nope, I've never had such rude houseguests.

Yes, my In-Laws!:angry: Thankfully they only come over about twice a year lol


Never had a complaint from anyone...


No it has never happened to us.

Darkest Serenity

One of my Girls Friends , got me to make her Ckn soup when all the others wanted Chocolate spread on toast and then instead of just saying  "I really don't like this"  She said  " ewwwww this tastes like Puke" 

I said to her without hesitation  "Sometimes you really are a Rude Little Madame"


No.  So far anyone who has visited acted courteous and not rude.

I probably would've told him where he could stick it. lol

In all honesty though I don't think anyone's really complained when staying over at our place. 

You might say I don't invite whiners and complainers over.  Problem solved.