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North America will experience on n Aug 21

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Jul 30, 2017 in Science & Technology ⚡ by Dan (5,288 points)


4 Answers

Marianne Jul 30, 2017

Thank you for reminding us, Dan.

Yes, it was mentioned in the news:,_2017

Rooster Jul 31, 2017

Yes, it's in the News here almost every day! Should be something to see! 

TheOtherTink Jul 31, 2017

We might go to see it.  The nearest distance to the path of totality (at Charleston, SC) is about 800 miles from us.

Virginia Aug 2, 2017

Dan, I had forgotten about this eclipse! I just checked, and I am about 150 miles from the "path of totality," so here is Tenino we should be able to see the eclipse partially.

I am putting it on my calendar, thank you...10:18 in the morning.

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