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A Fishy Matter

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Aug 5, 2017 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (18,487 points)
edited Aug 5, 2017 by Marianne
A man is flying from Dallas to Toronto and has to change planes in Boston.

He's got four hours between flights. He LOVES scrod, a type of fish available only on the East Coast of the US.

So he jumps out of his first plane, runs to a taxi, and says "Quick, take me somewhere I can get scrod!"

The taxi driver says "Wow, I've never been asked that in the first person pluperfect subjunctive before!"


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3 Answers

TheOtherTink Aug 5, 2017

Wait a minute!

The first-person pluperfect subjunctive would be 'I might have been scrod'.

I know, because I went to college in Cambridge, MA. :blush: :) :D

Marianne TheOtherTink Aug 7, 2017

Lol, T(h)ink - yes, I had also a little problem with the subjunctive, as it should be seen as a conditional tense, or rather with a past form, i.e. a pluperfect ... (your suggestion is elegant

It has a certain similarity with the German tenses:

but it is worse with the different "persons" - lol.

And the French tenses might help for a better understanding with "que", i.e. "that":

(in French, scrod corresponds to "filets de cabillaud" - yummy)


Rooster Aug 5, 2017

:D :D :D I've heard of it on Diners,Drive-ins and Dives. Filets of Cod known on the East coast as Scrod. Why? I haven;t a clue! :D


Virginia Aug 6, 2017

Well I don't really have anything to add to this highly enlightening discussion, but I enjoyed it!  :D

(Ummmm...will to can may I have been scrod???)

TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 6, 2017

Hi Virginia,

Oh, I often got scrod when I went to this place during my school days. :)


Virginia Virginia Aug 6, 2017

Well I Googled Durgin Park, O'Tink, it's wonderful! I learned it is "a landmark since 1827," and "Another sign of its heritage is that it has only changed head chefs a handful of times in its history."

Marianne Virginia Aug 7, 2017
I am not sure if you like fish; here in Europe, we have some nice recipes:
(I found something similar in English.)
Virginia Virginia Aug 7, 2017

Marianne! I have missed you...(you been awol for a few hours, right?)

Anyway, I have trouble eating meat, and fish is the worst of all...however you know what? When I was in college my friend Suzanne would bake halibut cheeks in a similar way to the recipe you posted, and I really did like it! She did not bread it , however, she just used butter and lemon and parsley!

TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 7, 2017

@ Virginia and Marianne,

Meat, fish...?

I thought we were talking about getting scrod... :blush: :angel: :) :D

Virginia Virginia Aug 7, 2017

Well, O'Tink and Marianne, great minds run together (apropos of nothing at all)...

TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 8, 2017

:) :angel: :)

Marianne Virginia Aug 8, 2017

Lol, Virginia - that is the best way to prepare quite a few fish dishes: with butter, herbs and freshly pressed lemon juice.


Yes, there have been quite a few "performance killers" around lately, additionally, I was out a lot, and last week, we had another heat wave, and the nights were rather noisy - there were either fire works or thunderstorms - and several times both together. So, I needed additional breaks. And now, I am trying to catch up with things.


Marianne Virginia Aug 8, 2017

Lol, T(h)ink, there are many ways of getting "scrod", and the worst is when you get fooled, or if the "quality" of the "object" or of the "service" (or "activity") does not correspond to what people expect (in all the domains).

TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 8, 2017

Lol, Marianne, yes it's worst to be fooled into getting scrod. :O :blush: :O :) :angel: :D

There was a young lass on Cape Cod,

Who was wined, dined and drugged by a sod.*

When she later awoke,

All alone, nude and broke,

She exclaimed, "OMG, I've been scrod! "

     * Bill Cosby?

Virginia Virginia Aug 9, 2017

Well glad to see you made your way back to your online 'home,' Marianne!

Virginia Virginia Aug 9, 2017

O'Tink, such breathlessly beautiful poetry today...both you and Marianne, quite a talent here!

Actually, I think that might even have the cadence of an official limerick? :P  :cheerful:  :woot:

Marianne Virginia Aug 9, 2017

Lol, T(h)ink, that is quite possible, and you could add a rather long list of more or less known celebrities of the kind of a "disreputable character".



TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 9, 2017

Yes, Virginia, it is a limerick; my little poems usually are, because I find them funny and easy to compose. Irish haiku? :D

TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 9, 2017

Yes indeed, Marianne.

I really shouldn't be making light of things like that.  Cosby was/is an absolute swine, as are others like him. :angry:

Virginia Virginia Aug 9, 2017

I just checked...and yes, his wife who married him in 1964 is still with him! I do NOT admire her.

TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 9, 2017

Virginia, she probably likes the lavish lifestyle too much to divorce him.

Much like Hillary putting up with Bill's philandering and worse.

Virginia Virginia Aug 9, 2017

THAT is a distinct possibility, O'Tink!

Marianne Virginia Aug 10, 2017
Virginia Virginia Aug 10, 2017

Marianne, all three of those articles were very distressing...

As for the third article from Wikipedia, the exceptionally high rate of domestic abuse against women among athletes, I scanned it but did not see any mention of a correlation with the athletes' brain injuries from repeated concussions. The CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) did a wonderful special on that sometime in the 2000's. 

Canadian ice hockey players, certainly boxers, football players...average life span in one such group was something like 53 years, attributable to the brain injuries, predisposing to instability and domestic violence. I had never heard of the boxer Floyd Mayweather, highest paid athlete in the world, and beating up the women in his life, however very little attention given to that...

Marianne Virginia Aug 13, 2017

Yes, such scandals were and still are easily "swept under the rug".

But you might have heard about the scandal around actress, Marie Trintignant (daughter of Jean-Louis Trintignant), killed by Noir Désir singer Bertrand Cantat in 2003, which raised suddenly a lot of concern:

Virginia Virginia Aug 13, 2017

No; I had not known of that tragedy, Marianne. Something even more distressing, reading down THE GUARDIAN article, is that his wife then committed suicide! 

The singer left her around the time their child was born, for the woman he eventually killed, but the wife stood by him and even took him back after his release. But he blackmailed her, and generally brutalized her so much she killed herself...NOT good.

Marianne Virginia Aug 13, 2017

Yes, and domestic violence is often hidden; the victims dare rarely talk about that, as they either believe that it is their fault, or they are terrorised and depend too much on the abuser.

Virginia Virginia Aug 13, 2017

In years past, Marianne, a history like his would have meant the end of a career; no so apparently in his case.

Marianne Virginia Aug 13, 2017

As far as I heard, after this scandal, there was no great come-back, but you best read by yourself:

Virginia Virginia Aug 13, 2017

Yes Marianne, I see what you mean...this is taken from your link: "In October 2010, Cantat resumed his musical career with a gig in Bordeaux. His re-entry into the public eye frustrated women's rights campaigners and victim support groups. On 30 November 2010, the group announced that it would split up for good."

Marianne Virginia Aug 17, 2017

Yes, Virginia, many think that domestic violence, for instance, can only occur at the lower levels of societies, but, actually, you find it at every level, and especially in circles, where performance, glamour and "status" pressures promote the abuse of alcohol, drugs, doping, gambling, intriguing and other unhealthy and/or fraudulous practices - and sexism is again on the rise.

Virginia Virginia Aug 17, 2017

I did not realize that sexism was on the rise, Marianne.

Marianne Virginia Aug 17, 2017

Well, I know, I keep repeating myself; since a certain time, they registered repeatedly backlashes for women in various parts of the world - maybe that rising numbers of victims dare(d) to speak up and file complaints in case of abuse (and namely the abuse of children and teens), in spite the still too many unreported cases.

And you certainly know that in many parts of the world, women are still treated like property and not like human beings.

Well - we know that ...

Virginia Virginia Aug 18, 2017

Yes...a tragedy...but I learned lots from our discussion of women's position under communism!

Marianne Virginia Aug 18, 2017

Indeed, we knew since long about that, and such themes were mentioned again after the reunification of East and West Germany, as with the considerable differences of salaries and living cost between the two sides, they had to sober up very soon. And as a consequence of the massive rise of unemployment, they wanted to send the women back to "cleaning, cooking, children and church".

Virginia Virginia Aug 18, 2017

Marianne, I just learned the term (prolly misspelled) "kinder, küche, kirche. It was in the Richard Evans book about the German Third Reich, and then I heard it in an old Humphrey Bogart movie, BEAT THE DEVIL!

Marianne Virginia Aug 19, 2017

Oh yes, they talked often enough about the three K's after the German reunification, and T(h)ink knows that too; but in English, you could use at least 4 C's - oh, even 5, as I forgot the chore tasks - lol.

I'll have to look up "Beat the Devil" - with Humphrey Bogart, I am sure that it is a great movie.


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