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Good url shorteners

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Sep 1 in Websites by Kninjanin (1,806 points)

I found url shorfeners where I created my profiles. I share urls and create url bundles. When I share video urls, url shorteners create special pagesvfor videos. Urls, profiles and bundles can be private and public. Url shorteners do not ask for personal information.

5 Answers

Marianne Sep 1

Thank you for the link, Kninjanin; it might be quite useful.

TheOtherTink Sep 1

I haven't used or tried them.

Rooster Sep 1

I don't need to use them much but when I do? I just use Google URL Shortener. Quick easy and fast.

Google URL Shortener

Kninjanin Sep 2

On url shorteners, I have no contact with other users. It helps to protect from scams and trolls. I do not see the shortened urls from other users and they do not see my urls. The same thing is on many file hosting and file mirroring websites.

Virginia Sep 2

Hi Kninjanin,

This is the URL shortener I have used, it seems to be from Google? Thank you for the link to the list, I will hold onto it.

Marianne Virginia Sep 2

It is indeed, Virginia; these links look really useful.

Good to see you back!


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