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Looks like Dan had a site problem for a few days! Must have been watching The Outer Limits. Ya think?

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Nov 5 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Rooster (6,959 points)


7 Answers

Kninjanin Nov 5
I opened a website of a web hosting service. It seems that he had problems with web hosting company.
Dan Nov 5

I changed the hosting plan and the hosting provider didn't clear the cache in Cloudflare. Now they fixed it.

Rooster Dan Nov 5

@Dan : Glad to hear you got things taken care of. There might not be that many members here but we are all pretty close. Thank you.

Marianne Nov 5

Good to hear that the problem could be fixed.


Korvo Nov 5

Glad to see this site is back up again.  I was concerned it was gone.

TheOtherTink Nov 5

Glad it's back. :)

Virginia Nov 6

Dan I enjoy this website also, and glad you were able to make the transition's prolly quite a lot of work for you, when there are so few of us?

TheOtherTink Nov 6

@ Rooster:  these old tv science fiction shows are funny:D

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